Art imitates life.

Ms. Evans’ works are stories of heartwarming love spliced with heartbreaking tragedy, all while depicting true-to-life conflict in a fresh and unique voice.

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Long Gone Cat –  Love and loss, fame and fortune, and the flawed ways we cope with grief.

Long Gone Cat is a gripping tale of what happens when love collides with life. You will find yourself cheering for Cat, a very normal woman, despite a tragic past, with a secret talent that not only saves her life, but thrusts her into the limelight…a place she is learning to love.

Alec is a struggling theater actor looking for his big break and trying to find the woman he lost and recover his life after years of self-doubt and alcoholism. Alec believes he and Cat will find their happily-ever-after if she can find forgiveness and let go of the past. Read an excerpt here.

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Stay-With-Me5 Stay With Me – Hopeless romantic Samantha is unlucky in love. After an instant connection with a sexy restaurant owner, however, she believes her luck is on the uptick.

Shameless sleaze Nick uses his high-end restaurant as an endless source of women. He never has any trouble sealing the deal—that is until he meets Samantha.

She requires a minimum of ten dates before she’ll jump into bed with him so he plays the part of the perfect boyfriend and suggests a romantic getaway as a means to get around it. What was supposed to be a fun, sexy weekend quickly transforms into eighteen harrowing hours when a catastrophic accident thrusts them into survival mode.

Nick is faced with his deepest fears and ultimately questions everything he’s ever believed about life and love.

And once Nick’s true character is revealed, Samantha questions whether she should be with him at all. Read an excerpt here.

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thearrangementThe Arrangement – Shannon Callaghan survived something unimaginable. Now she’s hell-bent on making up lost time and achieving success beyond her wildest dreams.

Jack MacCarrick is Hollywood’s most eligible and elusive bachelor. He has zero trouble getting any woman he wants—and after a chance encounter at a film festival in Austin, Texas, he wants Shannon.

He makes her an offer that no woman could refuse, but Jack and Shannon are about to realize that “no strings attached” may be an impossible proposition. Read an excerpt here.

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HRuntilyou Until You – Shannon Callaghan wakes up to a world and a life she doesn’t recognize. In the midst of such circumstances, she’s relieved to find that she has a kind and devoted fiancé in handsome, yet mysterious, Jack MacCarrick.

As time passes, however, it becomes clear to Shannon that this is no ordinary engagement—and Jack is no ordinary man. A wedding is impending and she has to make a decision soon, but the life she appeared to be living with Jack is one that she isn’t sure she wants to continue. Read an excerpt here.

Until You is the second book in the Unbreakable Love Series. Find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and everywhere eBooks are sold.


HRthechoice The Choice – After an experience that could only be described as an uphill hike through the pit of Hell, celebrity couple Jack and Shannon have everything they always dreamed of. One and a half years into their marriage, life is pretty perfect.

But perfection, it seems, can’t last forever. They are faced with a life-threatening choice that must be made—and they have to make it fast. Ensuring their future together will come at a hefty price, and it’s one that they aren’t sure they want to pay.

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May 2017:

From multi-published romance novelist, Katherine L. Evans, comes a women’s fiction story about recognizing your worth and rising above your circumstances.
In this unforgettable, heartrending story, the impact of childhood abandonment is revealed in the life of a young woman who yearns for something both inexplicable and intangible.
Emma Abercrombie, an inexperienced reporter with lofty aspirations, grew up a bullied outcast in a small town in South Carolina, fled to California after high school, and once there, she believed the worst was behind her. But after two years in a dead-end job and one too many disappointments in her personal life, Emma becomes desperate and manic as she takes matters into her own hands and kicks her career into high-gear.
At the height of her success and despite concern from her loved ones, she accepts an assignment abroad covering the refugee crisis in Syria. In what was intended to be a mission to raise awareness and win hearts and minds, Emma and her team suddenly find themselves fellow victims of the danger and tragedy they were only supposed to be reporting. Emma is ultimately faced with the most basic of choices—whether to live, or whether to die; to lie down and accept her fate, or to stand up and rise.
Rise is the gripping tale of one woman’s journey to overcome a life that kicked her when she was down at every turn. It is a heartbreaking story of loss, a heartwarming portrait of unwavering friendship and unconditional love, and a compelling glimpse into the conditions of the current displacement crisis of the Syrian Civil War. Read an excerpt here.