Who is Katherine?

“She is a natural born writer.”

So said her political science professor in a letter of recommendation, which launched the adventure of a lifetime. Katherine spent seven years as a professional freelance writer before entering the corporate world with a specialization in marketing and ad copy. In a bit of a plot-twist, she left the corporate world to pursue a degree in Journalism and English Literature from the University of Texas at Austin, where she is currently a student.

Her debut novel, Long Gone Cat was published in May 2015 with Liquid Silver Publishing and has since published four additional full-length novels.

More recently, Katherine has been dedicated her spare time to raising awareness about the ongoing conflict in Syria. With the assistance of her Syrian friends, she completed her sixth novel, RISE, which is an effort to raise funds for charities benefitting those displaced by the conflict in Syria, and for organizations working to improve the safety of independent freelance conflict journalists.

Since childhood, writing has always been her passion. Her fictional works are made up of a unique voice that depicts true-to-life issues, which are simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking–kind of like life itself.

Ms. Evans lives in Austin, Texas.